Honours and Achievements

Constable of the Town and Manor of Hungerford John Maberly 1687
Master of the Worshipful Company of Clockmakers John Maberly (1679-1771) 1738
Constable of the Manor of East Garston Thomas Mabberley (1727-1806) 1766
Freedom of Aberdeen John Maberly (1770-1845) 1818
Companion of the Order of the Bath (CB) Major-General Evan Maberly (1815-1899) c.1870
President of Manchester Photographic Society William Tudor Mabley (1812- 1875-76
Distinguished Service Order Colonel Charles Evan Maberly (1854-1920) 1900
Royal Red Cross Medal Muriel Frances Maberly (1891-1966) c.1918
Charles Univ. Medal of Peace for services to education Colin William Fisher Mably 1989
Member of British Empire (MBE) Elizabeth Anne Mabley 2001
Linnean Society Linnean Medal for contributions to biology David John Mabberley 2006
Preach the Word George Maberly (1798-1883) 1852
History of the Art of Coachbuilding George Maberly (1798-1883) 1877
The Print Collector Joseph Maberly (1815-1893) 1880
A Leaf out of the Past is Turned Back [Private] Selina Maud Maberly 1909
In the Heart of Africa G.E.Maberly-Oppler & A Friedrich 1910
Who Wrote the Plays? - the Bacon Heresy Gerald Clare Maberly 1933
Aggressive Medicine John Frederick Maberly 1935
Temper the Wind [Stage Play] Edward Howe Mabley 1946
What Buck is That? A Guide to Antelopes of Kruger National Park CT Astley Maberly 1952
Animals of Kruger National Park CT Astley Maberly 1951
Ways of the Wild CT Astley Maberly 1958
Animals of Rhodesia CT Astley Maberly 1959
The Motor Balloon "America" Edward Howe Mabley 1962
Glad Tidings [Stage Play] Edward Howe Mabley 1962
Animals of East Africa CT Astley Maberly 1963
The Game Animals of Southern Africa CT Astley Maberly 1967
Mastering Speed Reading Norman C. Maberly 1966
And God Spoke Tibetan Allan Maberly 1971
Dramatic Construction Edward Howe Mabley 1972
Tropical Botany David J. Mabberley and Chang Kiaw Lan 1976
Revolutionary Botany David J. Mabberley 1981
Halas, Hef, the Beatles and Me John Arnold Mabley 1987
Allergy, a Practical Guide to Coping Jonathan Maberly and Honor Anthony 1989
Tropical Rainforest Ecology (2nd ed) David J. Mabberley 1991
Algarve Plants and Landscape David J. Mabberley and P.J.Placito 1993
The Tools of Scriptwriting Edward Howe Mabley and David Howard 1995
Environmental Medicine in Clinical Practice Jonathan Maberly, H.Anthony, S.Birtwistle & K.Eaton 1997
The Plant-book:a Portable Dictionary of Vascular Plants (2nd ed) David J. Mabberley 1997
An Exquisite Eye David J. Mabberley, P.Watts and J.Pomfrett 1997
The Flora Graeca Story David J. Mabberley and H.W.Lack 1999
Paradisus:Hawaiian Watercolours by Geraldine K. Tam David J. Mabberley 1999
Ferdinand Bauer: the Nature of Discovery David J. Mabberley 1999
Arthur Harry Church: the Anatomy of Flowers David J. Mabberley 2000
Microbial Diversity in Priest Pot Stephen C. Maberly and B.J.Finlay 2000
Brilliant Knits Brandon Mably 2001
Science Education for Elementary Teachers Ann Benbow and Colin Mably 2001
The Story of the Apple B.E.Juniper & D.J.Mabberley 2006
Haenke’s Malaspina colour-chart: an enigmaD.J.Mabberley &  M.P. de San Pio Aladren2012
The Secret Garden Kate Maberly 1993
Friendships Field Kate Maberly 1995
The Langoliers Kate Maberly 1995
Gullivers Travels Kate Maberly 1996
Mysteries of Egypt Kate Maberly 1998
28 Days Later Luke Mably 2003
Finding Neverland Kate Maberly 2004
The Prince and Me Luke Mably 2004
Colour me Kubrick Luke Mably 2004
Pride and Prejudice Polly Maberly 1995
Midsomer Murders Kate Maberly c2002
Holby City Luke Mably 1999
Mechanical Street Cleanser Revd Frederick Herbert Maberly 1836,44
Carriage Brake Revd Frederick Herbert Maberly 1845
Sunbeam-Mabley Motor Cycle Maxwell Maberly-Smith 1901
American powerboat entry for Harmsworth Cup Carlton R. Mabley 1904
English Pairs Tiddlywinks Champion (9 times) Jon Mapley 1972-2000
Under-19 England Women's soccer squad Breanne Mabberley 2004
Australian Junior Road Cycling Team Natasha Mapley 2004
English Schools Girls Under-16 Golf Champion Laura-Ann Mabley 2005
Founding of Weston-super-Mare Museum William Mable 1861