Alan Lambert Maberley (1939-   Eye Surgeon, British Columbia
Alfred Elias Collier Lambert Maberley (1858-1943)   Farmer and Gold Prospector, South Africa & Canada
Alfred William Maberly (1822-1888)   Architect
Allan Maberly (1922-1977)   Missionary, Far East
Brandon Ivor Mably (1968-)   Knitwear Designer
Carlton Raymond Mabley (1878-1963)   Car Manufacturer, New York
Cecil (Cyril) Leonard Mapley (1923-2007)   Teacher and Musical Entertainer
Charles Evan Maberly, DSO (1854-1920)   Colonel, Royal Artillery
Charles Robert McNaughton Maberly (1829-1876)   Commander, Royal Navy
Charles Thomas Astley Maberly (1905-1972)   Naturalist and Wildlife Author, Africa
Christopher Richards Mabley (1836-1885)   Department Store Owner, Michigan
David Alan Lambert Maberley (1966-   Asst. Professor of Opthalmology, British Columbia
David John Mabberley (1948-   Professor of Botany and Author, USA
Dion Jonathan Maberly (1938-   Allergy Specialist, Yorkshire
Edward Howe Mabley (1906-1984)   Playwright, Theatrical Director and Author
Edward Hugh Maberly (1853-1921)   Dentist, Idaho
Edwin Darrell Maberly (1946-   Professor of Financial Studies, New Zealand
Evan Maberly CB (1815-1899)   Major-General, Royal Artillery
Frederick Herbert Maberly (1782-1860)   Vicar, Inventor and Political Activist
George Maberly (1798-1883)   Coachbuilder
George Frederick Maberly (1823-1913)   Publisher and Surgeon
Glenden Frank Maberly (1951-   Professor of International Heath Studies, USA
Henry George Mapley (1870-)   Special Constable, Klondike
James Harry Astley Maberly (1956-   Wildlife Artist
John Arnold Mabley (1915-2006)   Newspaper Columnist, Chicago
John Maberly (1679-1771)   Clockmaker
John Maberly (1770-1845)   Clothing Manufacturer, Banker and MP
John Frederick Maberly (1859-1949)   Doctor and Medical Author, South Africa
Kate Elizabeth Cameron Maberly (1982-   Film Actress
Mary Caroline (1825-1922) and Katherine Maberly (1833-1915)   Proprietors of Ladies College
Norman Charles Maberly (1926-   Emeritus Professor, La Sierra University, S. California
Stephen Maberly (1745-1831)   Currier and Businessman
Stephen C. Maberly (1957-   Scientist (Ecology and Hydrology)
Thomas Astley Maberly (1810-1877)   Vicar of Cuckfield,Sussex
Thomas Luke Mably (1976-   Film Actor
William Maberly (1798-1859)   Architect
William Leader Maberly (1798-1885)   Army Lt-Col, MP & Sec of General Post Office

Biographies of Maberly Descendants

Charles Fox Frederick Adam (1852-1913)   Diplomat
Thomas Maberly Hassal (1834-1879)   Merchant, Christchurch, NZ
Margaret Hope Maberly-Smith (1910-1999)   Teacher and Librarian
Maxwell Maberly-Smith (1869-?)   Architect and Designer
Edmund Philip Maberly Margetts (1844-1898)   Sheep Farmer, Victoria, Australia
Dayrell Reed Oakley-Smith (1898-1985)   Professional Soldier
Tara Palmer-Tomkinson (1971-   Model and TV Celebrity
Apsley Pellatt (1791-1863)   Glassware Manufacturer
Henry Mill Pellatt CVO, Sir (1859-1939)   Investor and Industrialist, Toronto
Maberly Phillips (1838-1923)   Bank Cashier and Author
Charles English Hyde Villiers (1912-1992)   Company Director and Chairman