Birth, Death and Marriage Certificates and Wills

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Birth Certificates    
    Mother's Maiden Name
John Maberley (1843-1891) Hungerford, Wilts GILES
Elizabeth Ellen Maberly (Buen) (1846-) Colchester, Essex BUEN
William Maberly (1847-) Regents Park, Middlesex MABLY
John Mapley (1852-1897) Newport Pagnell, Bucks GOSS
John Mapley (1853-1854?) Newport Pagnell, Bucks DURRANT (DEVEREUX)
William Maberly (1854-1928?) Bromsgrove, Worcs LANGFORD
Florence Ada Maberly (1857-1882) South Hamlet, Glos CRUSOE
Alfred Elias Lambert (Maberley) (1858-1943) Camden Town, Middlesex COLYER
John George Mabley (1860-1931) Woburn, Beds DEVEREUX
David John Maberly (1862-) Tetbury, Glos JEWELL
Florence Annie Mapley (1866- Newport Pagnell, Bucks Emma MAPLEY
Eliza Mapley (1868-1879) Newport Pagnell, Bucks Mary MAPLEY
Flora Mabberley (1871-) Monmouth, Glos CRITCHLEY
Laura Penelope Mapley (1878-1880) Newport Pagnell, Bucks Mary MAPLEY
Walter George Mabberley (1880-) South Cerney, Glos Maria SIMPSON
Jeremiah Mabbley (1886-1955) Cannock, Staffs SMITH
Phyllis Victoria Mabberley (1893-) Cirencester, Glos Clara MABBERLEY
Frederick William John Mabberley (1895-1976) Aberdare, Glamorgan, Wales Bertha WOOLFORD
Raymond Walter Mabberley (1899-1977) Hartley Wintney, Hants Julie ALDRIDGE
Lily Selina Maberley (1901-1929) Harrow, Middlesex Mary Jane FLOREY
Eva May Mabberley (1901-) Midsomer Norton, Glos Mary Ann ALDER
William John Maberly (1903-1986) Holborn, London HALLETT
James Leslie Allison Mabley (1905-1971) Edmonton, Middlesex ALLISON
George Mabley (1905-1976) Cannock, Staffs CARTWRIGHT
Walter George Mabberley (1908-1984) Aith, Stirling, Scotland Amy Maud MOWER
Helen Alice Mary Maberley (1911-1919) Iver Heath, Bucks Alice MABERLEY
Arthur Charles Mapley (1917-1917) Balsall Heath, Birmingham PINNER
Desmond Maberley (1927-1999) Colchester Barracks, Essex JONES
Ernest George Mabbley (1929-) Cannock, Staffs HOOPER
Death Certificates  
Augustin Maberly (1836-1840) Old Brentford, Middlesex 1840
Daniel Maberly (1842-1842) Clifton, Bristol 1842
Stephen Maberly (1811-1851) Stowmarket, Suffolk 1851
Charlotte Maberly née Hedges? (1795-1857) Old Brentford, Middlesex 1857
William Anson Robert Maberly (1838-1867) Cowes, Isle of Wight 1867
William Leader Maberly (1798-1885) Marylebone, Middlesex 1885
Elizabeth Maberly née Baines (1818-1892) Walthamstowe, Essex 1892
George Frederick Maberly (1828-1902) Lambourn, Berkshire 1902
William George Mabley (1854-1922) Cleveland, Ohio 1922
Harry Clifton Mabley (1869-1924) Cleveland, Ohio 1924
Jean Maberly née Munn (1863-1928) Swansea, Glamorgan, Wales 1928
John Mabley (1930-1933) Hamilton, Cincinatti 1933
Ella Fox née Mabley (1873-1952) Cleveland Heights, Ohio 1952
Martha Gertrude Gillis née Maberley (1889-1975) Burnaby, BC, Canada 1975
Arthur Mapley (1872-1944) Biggleswade, Bedfordshire 1944
Henry George Mapley (1868-1945) Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 1945
Marriage Certificates    
Thomas Astley Maberly/Susannah GOSLIN Christchurch, London 1784
George Mapley/Sarah Ann ROBINSON Newport Pagnell, Bucks 1840
William Mable/Louise SIMMONS Lambeth, London 1843
William Maberly/Maria MABLEY St Marylebone, Middlesex 1845
William Mabley/Louisa LANGFORD Claines, Worcs 1852
William Maberley/Caroline MATTHEWS Lambeth, Surrey 1856
George Frederick Maberly/Eliza Louisa MABERLY Worthing, Sussex 1868
James Thomas Mapley/Ann WOOD Newport Pagnell, Bucks 1868
Edward (Edwin) Mabberley/Maria SIMPSON South Cerney , Glos 1873
William Mabley/Sarah Ann SMITH Tipton, Staffs 1873
Emily Mable/William WRIGHT Bermondsey,Surrey 1875
Benjamin Isaac Mable/Sarah Jane FRANCIS Bow, Middlesex 1875
William Henry Maberley/Emma SEABORN Lambeth, Surrey 1877
John Mapley/Ann READ Newport Pagnell, Bucks 1879
Julia Annie Joel Maberley/Frederick Garner TRANTER Cirencester, Glos 1880
James Thomas Mapley/Lucy CHITTENDEN Maidstone, Kent 1886
Emily Maberly/John FRASER Westminster, Middlesex 1888
John Henry Maberley/Alice Matilda FLOREY Knightsbridge, London 1890
James Mapley/Frances TOMLIN St Pancras, London 1894
Mary Sophia Maberly/Edward Robert MARSH Islington, Middlesex 1894
Florence Annie Mapley/Henry Brooks GARDNER Battersea, London 1896
Mary Flora Mabberley/George Henry CLARIDGE Northleach, Glos 1901
Walter George Mabberley/Amy Maud MOWER Fulham, London 1905
Hannah Mapley/Alfred COOK Newport Pagnell, Bucks 1906
George Thomas Maberly/Annie WICKIZER Meade Co, Texas 1907
Martha Gertrude Lambert MABERLEY/Joseph John GILLIS Vancouver, BC, Canada 1912
Alice Selina Leah MABERLEY/Arthur BOWLER Slough, Bucks 1915
Arthur Mapley/Lessey Maud PINNER Biggleswade, Bedfordshire 1916
Henry Mabberly/Jessie THORN Maidenhead, Berkshire 1919
Amy Minnie Edith SMAIL (née Maberly)/Andrew H. PAUL Farr, Sutherland, Scotland 1919
William John Maberly/Edith May DIGWEED Holborn, London 1928
Walter George Maberley/Florence Clara BROWN Battersea, London  1931
William Maberley/Winifred HITCHENS Hednesford, Staffs 1931
Kenneth George Mabberley/Elizabeth RAE East Acton, Middlesex 1940
Christopher John Maberly/Kathleen Ann DAVENPORT Coventry 1958
Robert John Mabberley/Alison Diane ELSE Folkestone, Kent 1973
Ronald Alfred Mabberley/Caroline Daphne MILGATE Stafford 1976
    Date Proved
William Marbelye Thatcham, Berks 1575
John Maberly Letcombe Bassett, Berks 1594
Phyllis Maberly née Ryme Letcombe Bassett, Berks 1618
John Maborley Henwood, Commer, Berks 1612
John Mably St Minver, Cornwall 1620
John Mabberly Ramsbury, Wilts 1647
Rebecca Maberly London 1681
John Maberly Baulking, Berks 1686
John Maberly Kingsclere, Hampshire 1721
Stephen Maberly Luckington, Wiltshire 1718
Ann Maberly Kingsclere, Hampshire 1722
Richard Maverley Kensington, Middlesex 1722
Alexander Maberly HMS Captain 1735
Ann Mabberly Dirham, Glos 1735
John Maberly (1712-1747) Little Queen St, Middlesex 1747
William Mabberly Farnham, Surrey 1748
John Maverley London 1750
Sarah Maverly (wife of Charles) Grays Inn, Middlesex 1759
John Maberly (1677-1762) East Garston, Berks 1762
Mary Maberly (wife of John) St Clements, Middlesex 1765
Elizabeth Maverly Eastbury, Berks 1767
Charles Maberly City of London 1770
John Maberly St Clements, Middlesex 1771
Emelia Maberly St Giles, Middlesex 1772
Charles Maverly East India Company 1775
John Mabberly (1721-1776) East Garston, Berks 1776
Robert Maberly St Martins, Middlesex 1778
Katherine Mabberly née RYDER (1722-1783) East Garston, Berks 1783
Susannah Maberly Islington, Middlesex 1786
Stephen Maberly Mangotsfield, Glos 1789
Susannah Maberly Rochdale, Lancs 1794
William Mabberly East Garston, Berks 1803
Robert Horatio Maberly St Martins, Middlesex 1809
Jane Maberly Paddington, Middlesex 1816
William Maberly Mangotsfield, Glos 1814
Thomas Mabbarley East Garston, Berks 1826
John Maberly Kensington, Middlesex 1830
Ann Mabbarley East Garston, Berks 1839
Stephen Maberly Reading, Berks 1845
William Maverly Lincolns Inn Fields, Middlesex 1855
Joseph Maberly Bedford Row, London 1860
Matilda Caroline Maberly Leamington Priors, Warks 1884
Caroline Emily Maberly South Kensington, London 1892
Joseph James Maberly Liss, Hants 1892
James Charles Maberly Liss, Hants 1901