This is the last Will of me Joseph James Maberly of Hawkley House in the county of Southampton Land Coroner[?]. I appoint my two nephews Thomas Astley Maberly of Mytten in Cuckfield in the County of Sussex and James Charles Maberly of Wateringbury in the County of Kent late a Lieutenant Colonel in the Scots Greys hereinafter called my trustees to be the Executors and trustees of this my Will for all the purposes hereinafter expressed and also for the purposes of the Settled Land Act 1882 or for the purposes mentioned in section 42 of the Conveyancing and Law of Property Act 1881. And I declare that new trustees may from time to time be appointed for all the purposes aforesaid under section 31 of the last mentioned Act. I give and devise the three Widows Cottages with the garden and premises thereto belonging situate on Hawkley Green opposite the school there and adjoining to the house and shop now occupied by Henry Lillywhite unto and to the use of my said nephew James Charles Maberly his heirs and assigns. I give and devise the Mill and Land thereto attached at Greatham and the Mill Gears and appurtenances Mill Road Water and the piece of land held therewith on the Greatham and Selborne Road to my niece Leonora Emily Maberly her heirs and assigns for her own use and benefit and if the present sum of six hundred pounds now charged thereon be not paid off at the time of my death I desire my Executors to pay the same or what may be left thereof unpaid out of my residuary estate so that the charge cease.I give and devise my house and lands at Hawkley known as Hawkley Hurst with all and every of their appurtenances and all and every my lands farms cottages (except the three Widows Cottages) and real estate in the said parish of Hawkley whatsoever (subject nevertheless as regards the farm and lands known as Tubbs Farm containing about forty acres to the provision hereinafter contained concerning the same) and also the Advowson of the Vicarage of Hawkley and all rights of Presentation thereto and the land and Vicarage house and buildings subject to any interest the Ecclesiastical Commissioners or the ___ of Queen Anne's Bounty may have thereon to the use of my said nephew James Charles Maberly during his life without impeachment of ___ with remainder to the use of his first and other sons successively according to seniority in tail male with remainder to the use of his first and other sons successively according in seniority in tail general with remainder to the use of his first and other daughters successively according to seniority in tail general with remainder to the use of my son's[?] eight heirs for ever. And whereas my said nephew Thomas Astley Maberly has told me and expressed in writing his desire to live at Mytten in Cuckfield in Sussex and his preference for that place made by his grandfather in the village where he my nephew was born and in which his father was Vicar and whereof he is in possession I give and bequeath to my said nephew Thomas Astley Maberly the bronze statuette of Albert in __ the gold bracelet which he brought to me from Africa the watch ring of his grandfather the watch chain and two seals which belonged to his great grandfather and two miniatures of him and his daughter Lucy. I give to my niece Mary Louisa Lang the larger Blue John Derbyshire Vase given by her aunt to my wife. Also the majolica Giver and Basin her sister Catherine gave to me at Bologna[?]. I give and bequeath the sum of six hundred pounds to each of my nieces Henrietta wife of Sydenham Malthus Mary Frances wife of the Reverend Robert Fisher and to my niece Leonora Emily for their separate use and I give to my said niece Leonora Emily the harmonium which stands in the hall (which indeed has been __ __ for some years) and also the tea caddy which came from Colonel Gauntoff and its silver appointments. And I give a like sum of six hundred pounds to my said nephew Thomas Astley Maberly. I give to my nephew Alexander Dennistoun Lang of Cadnam Lodge near Lyndhurst two hundred pounds and to his sister the said Mary Louisa Lang two hundred pounds. Having already given to my coachman some bank stock I give him the sum of thirty pounds sterling.To Anne Wilton[?] to whom I have recently given some stock the sum of thirty pounds and to William Goddard if in my service at the time of my decease fifty pounds. And to all servants remaining To each of the agricultural labourers living in Hawkley and employed by me at the time of my death I give the sum of two pounds and to the wives of those that are married such linen and other clothes blankets carpets not bequeathed as may be in the Hurst and as my Executors may find best adapted for their wants and the wants of their cottages as to which I give full discretion to my said Executors.To domestic servants in my service at my death not otherwise mentioned five pounds each. To my foreman Staples if still in my service ten pounds.To such widows as may be in the said Widows Cottages twenty shillings each. I give to my friend Richard Melville Beachcroft of my copy of the annual register complete from its commencement which he may give if he please to any institution or charity. To my friend Edward Vaughan Thompson one hundred pounds duty free and to my kinsman John Yalden Hay one hundred pounds duty free. I give to Sydenham Malthus my nephew the __ Nasmith drawing Nemi in Albano. And to my nephew the said Reverend Robert Fisher late of ___ my bound copy of Jeremy Taylor's works. I give and bequeath all my farming stock and crops cab and carriage horses colts implements of husbandry harness and stable gear and all garden tools and other garden effects which may be in or about the Hurst or in or about any of my farms and also all wines and consumable stores in the Hurst at the time of my death to my said nephew James Charles Maberly absolutely. I give and bequeath all my pictures drawings sketches books and manuscripts photographs (except what are otherwise disposed of) and furniture which shall at my death be in or about the said house Hawkley Hurst ( except such parts thereof as are or shall be otherwise disposed of by this my Will or any codicil as shall be included in any writing signed by me and found with this my Will unto my trustees in trust to permit the same to permit the same to be held as heirlooms by the person for the time being entitled to the Hurst under the above limitations as nearly as the rules of law and equity will permit. And I direct that the power of selling the said heirlooms or any of them and purchasing chattels with the proceeds of such sale conferred by section 27[?] of the Settled Land Act 1882 may be executed without it being necessary to obtain an order of the court for that purpose provided that such sale or purchase is made with the consent of my trustees . I give devise and bequeath all other my real and personal estate including my plate and silver (except such parts thereof as I may by such writing as aforesaid otherwise bequeath) unto my trustees upon trust to sell call in and convert the same to money and of the monies to arise from such sale to pay my funeral and testamentary expenses __ the mortgage ___ upon Greatham Mill if any expenses in question in this my will or any codicil thereto together with the legacy duty thereon ... and to buy and transfer the residue of the said monies as to one moiety [ie a half] to my said nephew James Charles Maberly absolutely and as to the other moiety thereof to my said nephew Thomas Astley Maberly and my said nieces Henrietta Malthus Leonora Emily Maberly and Mary Frances Fisher absolutely to be equally divided between them share and share alike provided always that if such sale monies shall be insufficient for the payment of the said expenses debts legacies and duty and it be necessary for my executors and trustees to ___ in any portion of my personal estate hereinbefore specifically bequeathed or to any of my real estate hereinbefore specifically devised recourse? shall be had to that farm known as Tubbs Farm and lands therewith aforesaid in priority to and ___ of all other __ so specifically devised and bequeathed. And I hereby charge the said farm known as Tubbs and the land held therewith accordingly with the payment of such ___ ___ ___ ___ that all pecuniary and specific legacies bequeathed or given by my Will and any codicil thereto or included on the signed paper wording above ___ ___ ___ be free of legacy duty. In witness whereof I have to this my last will and testament set my hand this sixth day of December one thousand and eight hundred and ninety two - J.James Maberly - Signed by the said Joseph James Maberly the testator as and for his last Will in the presence of us both being present at the same time who in his presence at his request and in the presence of one another have hereto subscribed ....[remainder not readable]