The Will of William Marbelye of Thacham 1575

In the name of God amen, I William Marbelie of the parish of Thacham

Husbandman in the Countie of Berks,in the year of our Lord God 1575 age

Last of Septembre, being of perfect mind and memorie but sick in bodie

Doe ordayne and make this my last Will and Testament in manner and form

following, that is to saye ffirst I bequeath my soull into the hands of

almightie God my maker and redeemer and my bodie to be decentlie

buried according to Christian lawes.

Item, I give and bequeath unto John Barnes my Son-in-law xxx pounds

And my best coote, my best Jacket and my best atare.

Item, I give unto ye said John and is wife one pair of shettes and cotton

raill and a plate which was painted for grandmother? and a frock and a

ragett? Pettecote.

Item I give and bequeath unto my other son John a-----------------------

Item I give to John Marbelie my brother my-------------one sucklin year old

out of the flock?

Item I give to the poore people of the parish x shillings.

The residue of my goods I bequeath unto Christian Mabelie my daughter

Whom I make my sole executor of this my last will,

and to perform my testament

and pay my detts to this I put my hand and seal on the above day and year.

Item I give unto Robert King and John Burch , who I make my overseers

Xii shillings for their paynes.

In witness there of --------------and William Squares.