John MABERLEY (d. 1595) m. 27 August 1578 at Childrey, Berks, Phyllis RYME (d. 1618)


Will of John Maberley of Letcombe Bassett, Berks (1594)

In the name of God amen. Anno Domini 1594 the vith day of October & in the xxxviith yeare of the Raigne of our Soveraigne Lady Elizabeth by the grace of God queene of England, France and Ireland, defendresse of the faith etc. I, John Maverley of Letcumbassett in the Countie of Barks Sheepheard, sicke in body but whole and sounde in mind & of good & perfect memorye I thank my Lord God: doe make and ordeyne this my last will & testament in manner & forme followinge. First I bequeath my soule to Jesus Christ my only lord & saviour; for that it hath pleased him to purchase & to ransome the same with the price of his owne most precious bloud. My body I wish to be buryed in the churchyeard of Letcumbassett. Item. I give to the mother church iis. Item. I give & bequeath the lease of my house unto Philli[s] my wife during her naturall life, but, if she chance to decease before the lease be expired & ended, then my will is that my sonne John Maverley shall enioy the years of my lease then to come. Item. I give & bequeath unto my sonne John Maverley one eawe & on[e] theave. The resideu of all my goods & c[h]attells as well movables as unmovables, my debts beinge paid I wholy give & bequeath to Phillis my wife in whom I doe ordaine & appoint whole and sole executrix of this my last will & testament & she to receive all my debts, & paye all my debts. These beinge wittnesses to this will

William Hobbs

John White

John Webbe

Debts that I doe owe

In primis unto Nicholas Hobbs I doe owe iiii£

Item. I doe owe unto Phillip [?]Burte iiii£

Item. unto John Bayly I doe owe xls.

Item. unto Jane Church I doe owe xls.

Item. Unto ? Hug[h] [ ……] I doe owe xs.


Debts owinge unto me

In primis Mr Callis* doth owe me xxs.

[* Robert Callis (bur. 5 Dec 1636, Letcombe Bassett), rector since 1589; his son, Samuel Callis, M.A. (bur. 9 Nov 1620 Letcombe Bassett), was the incumbent at Kingston Lisle.]

Item. Ralfe Painter doth owe me iis. vid.


A true & direct Inventorye of all the good & c[h]attells both movable & unmovable of John Maverley of Letcumbassett in the countie of Barks Sheepheard late deceassed had & made the xvith daye of Februarye in the yeare of our soveraigne lady Elizabeth by the grace of God of England France & Ireland queene defendresse of the faith etc. the xxxviith by William Hobbs Thomas Goodlacke & Robert Callis Clarke as followeth:

In primis in the Hall A tableboard with a frame a ioyned cubbard a ioyned forme on[e] old chayre xiiis. iiiid.

Item. in the Chamber ii coffers i bo[a]rded bedstead on[e] shelfe iiis. iiiid.

Item. on[e] fetherbed with his furniture xs.

Item. one collored coverlet of white & red iiis. iiiid.

Item. his wearing apparrell vis. viiid.

Item. iii payre of sheets ii table napkins, one table cloth & the rest of the linnen xiiis. iiiid.

Item. in the loafte over the hall i borden bedstead one flockebed a pair of blankets & an old coveringe vis iiid.

Item. all the cooperyware xs.

Item. the pewter iiis. iiiid.

Item. the brasse viis.

Item. on[e] broach on[e] pothangher on[e] paire of potthooks iis.

Item. ii shelves xiid.

Item. the corne in the field* xs.

[* Probably ‘the land called Maverlyes on the south side’ of glebe land ‘lying in a furlonge aboue Marleborowe gapp shouting east and west’ in the ‘vpper Feild’ of Letcombe Bassett (Berkshire Glebe Terriers 1634 [ed. Ian Mortimer], Berkshire Record Society 2, pp. 95-98 (1995)).]

Item. the corne in the house xxs.

Item. the wood in the backesid xxs.

Item. the Ruder Beasts xlvis. viiid.

Item. the sheepe xls.

Item two more piggs xs.

Suma total xi£. xxd [seems up by 5 s!].




Will of Phyllis Maberley (née Ryme) of Letcombe Bassett, Berks (1618)

In the name of God Amen. The thirti[e]th day of June in the yeare of the raigne of our Soveraigne Lord James by the grace of God of England, Scotland, France & Ireland, Kinge defender of the faith etc. that is of England, France & Ireland the sixteenth & of Scotland the one and fifte[en]th. Anno Domini 1618. I, Phillis Maverley of Letcumb Basset in the Countie of Barks, Widdowe, being sicke in bodie but whole in minde & of good & perfect memorie I thanke almightie God, doe make this my last will & Testament in manner & forme followinge. First I bequeath my soule to almighty God my maker & redemer beinge fully persuaded of the salvation of my soule by and through the death & bloudsheddinge of Jesus Christ my saviour & redemer, & my bodie to be buried in the churchyeard of Letcumb Bassett. Item. I give to the mother church iis. Item. I give unto my three sisters, Jone Ball, Margeret Rime, & Jone Rawlins each of them a canvasse sheete. Item. I give unto my kinswoman Margeret Ball one paire of canvasse sheetes. Item. I give unto her more one pillowbeare of holland. Item. I give her my feather bed whereon I lye one blanket. Item. I give her more my best coverlet. Item. I bequeath unto my kinsman Richard Rawlins my little brasse possnett. Item. I give to my kinswoman Margeret Ball my brasse chaferne. Item. I give her my feather bolster. Item. I give her more one platter & on[e] porringer. Item. I give to my goddaughter Jone Gardner one platter & one saucer. Item. I give to my kinswoman Margeret Ball, my litle pewter cup & my other saucer. Item. I give more to her my dowkever [?= doughcover] on[e] lid[?]ginge barrell my yealdinge [?] fate [= vat], my tableboard & frame. Item I give to my Brother in lawe John Ball my cowe conditionally that at the day of his death he give her or such another to his daughter, Margeret Ball. Item. Concerninge my crop in the field the thirds whereof is due to me my will is this, if I die before I spend anie of it that [?every] poore houshold in Letcumb Bassett shall have three pecks of Barley & one peck of wheate, & the rest to remaine to my Executor. Item. All the rest of my goods & chattles moveables & [un]moveables, my debts paid & funerall discharged I give & bequeath unto my kinswoman Margeret Ball whom I make & ordayne my whole & sole Executrix to this my last will & Testament and I appoint my lovinge neighbour Mr Callis overseer to this my last will & Testament. These beinge witnesses

Robert Callis

Parson of Letcumb Bassett


My debts I owe are these in [?] particulars

In primis to Goodwife Hobs xs.

Item. to Goodwife Goodlacke vs.

Item. to Marie Hobs vs.

Item. to Robert Eliot viis.

Item. to my Brotherinlawe John Ball xxxiiiis.

Sume totall iii£ xiid.


A true & direct Inventorie of all such goods & chattells as [?] were the proper goods of Phillis Maverley of Letcumbasset in the countie of Barks Widdowe late deceassed praised by us whose names are here underwritten even the xxvith day of September Anno: 1618 as followeth

In primis in the hall: one joyned cubbard, one old table with a frame, one forme two old binches an old stoole chaire [?] fashion xs.

Item. in the bedchamber on[e] coffer on[e] boarded bedstead one old litle feather bed, a feather bolster ii blankets one coverlet iiii paire of sheetes hempen & canvas iii pillowbeares iii napkins, one litle hempen tablecloth one pillowe xxxix[?]s.

Item. her wearinge apparrell xxvis. viiid.

Item. on[e] litle pott ii posnets ii kettles on[e] litle candlesticke of brasse & a skemer xxiiiis. vid.

Item. in pewter iiii platters iii porringers ii sa[u]cers ii litle cups one salt xs. vid.

Item. the cooperieware: ii litle drinke barrells ii covers two litle open barrells, a standinge tub one salting trough xs. iiiid.

Item. in the chamber over the hall one boarden bedstead, one old flocke bed one old flocke bolster one flocke pillowe one old coverlet on[e] old blankett, on[e] old cheast vis

Item. ironware: on[e] brandiron on[e] pair of potthooks on[e] hangers on[e] litle broach on[e] gridiron on[e] fryinge pan iiis. iiiid.

Item. one cowe xls.

Item. one pigge viis.

Item. the corne in the barny[?ard]e iii£. xiiiis. viiid.

Item. the hay in the backside xs.

Sume totall xiii£. iis.

By us the praisors:

Robert Sheepreave . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Per me Robertum Callis

John Blandie . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Rectorem Hidem

Thomas Goodlacke