John Mabberley's Transportation to Australia

From the Reading Mercury, March 27th, 1829:


"John Mabberley, 29, charged with having, at the parish of East Garston, broken open the dwelling-house of Thomas Dew and stolen therein a clock, a shirt and a hat"

From the Reading Mercury, August 3rd, 1829:

"..the property was taken when the inhabitants were out and it was found in Garston Wood. John Mabberley was seen carrying a parcel to the wood where he was captured. He was sentenced to death."

[sentence later commuted to transportation to Australia]

Arrival in Australia

He was described on arrival in Sydney (May 12th, 1830) in the Nithsdale as being 30 years old, a Protestant, married and the head of a family of four. He was a carpenter by trade and had been sentenced at Abingdon on July 29th, 1829. He had no previous convictions. He was 5' 7 1/2" tall with brown hair, a freckled complexion and hazel eyes. He was referred to the Dept. of Public Works.

Life in Australia

John's behaviour impressed his new masters and he was able to successfully petition the colonial authorities for his wife (Elizabeth Mabberly née Rogers) and 4 children (Eleanor,William, Thomas and John Rogers) to join him. He was later granted a conditional pardon.