Samuel Mabberley's Transportation to Australia

From the Gloucester Journal, April 13th, 1839:


"George Davis aged 16 and Samuel Mabberley aged 18 were indicted for burglary, breaking open the dwelling-house of Thomas Crouch on the night of 18th January, and stealing three books and other articles, his property. Both prisoners were found guilty. Mabberley was also found guilty of having been convicted of felony at the Worcestershire Adjourned Sessions in February, 1838. He was sentenced to fourteen years transportation."

[Davis got 18 months hard labour]

Arrival in Australia

He was described on arrival in Sydney (Feb 26th, 1840) in the Woodbridge as being 19 years old, a Protestant, single, from Worcestershire. He was a nailor by trade and had been sentenced to 14 years transportation at Gloucester City Assizes on May 30th, 1839 for burglary. He had previously been sentenced to three months in prison. He was 5' 8 3/4" tall with a ruddy pock-pitted complexion, brown hair and eyes, eyebrows partially meeting, with a small scar in the centre of his forehead and another over the outer corner of his right eyebrow and yet another under the outer corner of the left one; he had a raised mole on the right side of the neck and a woman and "EP" tattooed on the upper right arm; the back of his lower left arm was pock-pitted and he had two scars on the back of his left thumb.

Possible execution in Tasmania

The Courier (Hobart, Tasmania) 4 May 1853 contains an account of the execution of a convict Samuel Maberly for the garotte robbery of a Mr Aldhouse. The public hanging took place outside Hobart Town Goal watched by a large crowd of men, women and children. The convict make a long speech pleading his innocence but to no avail. and "the unhappy criminal was launched into eternity".