Other Families

Joseph Maberley of Waimate, NZ
Harold Ernest Maberly of Waimate
1896-1917 (WW1)


George Thomas Maberly of Kansas


Lambert Maberley Family in Alberta, Canada
Sketch of Alfred Elias Collier Maberley by Lawrence Maberley Caroline Barnes née Maberley (centre)

(Martha Maberley née Mathewson (right))

Alexander and John Maberley Alexander Maberley Collier Maberley and family
1858-1943 1887-? 1892-1934 1890-? 1892-1934 1900-1976


Gordon, Sylvia and Alexander Earl Maberley
David Alan Lambert Maberley
Maberley House, Alberta
A.E.M 1919-1997

Asst. Professor of Opthalmology

Univ of British Columbia



Edwin Darrell Maberly Trisha Marie Maberly
Professor, NZ Texas Univ