Mably Family

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The Mably Farm, Trebetherick, St Minver, Cornwall Shilla Mill, Polzeath (home to Mablys)
Courtesy of Maj Feeney Francis Frith Collection


St Minver Church lychgate
St Minver church
St Minver War Memorial


Elwood and Virginia ( née Miller) Mabley Thompson Hollister Mabley Frank Taylor Mabley Daniel H Mabley
1923- 1909-2000 1944- (Attorney) 1948- (Judge)


Brandon Ivor Mably
Thomas Luke Mably
Knitwear Designer


Francis Mabley 1812-1873 (Mass,USA)
William H and Ella May nee Liafe Mabley (Kansas, USA)
John Mably (Cornwall & Australia) 1873-1951


Majestic Building, Detroit. Commissioned by C.R.Mabley

Mabley and Carew Building, Cincinatti