Gravestone Inscriptions

Thomas Mabberley


East Garston, Berks, UK

  Ann Mabberley


East Garston, Berks, UK

  John Rogers Mabberley


Died of dropsy, Windsor, NSW

Thomas Mabberley

son of Thomas and Ann Mabberley

who was born March 6th 1768

and died November 17th 1826

aged 58 years

. One of the best husbands lies sleeping here

.And at rest there is no fear

.A friend to all in distress

.The widow and the fatherless

.But happiness it soon did end

So great the loss in this most faithful friend

  Ann Mabberley

who departed this life March 20 1839

Aged 72

In sure and certain hope to rise

And claim her mansion in the skies

A Christian here her ... flesh laid down

The cross exchanging for a crown

True daughter of affliction she

Inured to pain and misery

..... a long life of grief and fears

A .... of 70 years

  John Rogers Mabberley

Affliction sore a long time he bore,

Physicians was in vain,

Till God did please to give him ease,

And freed him from his pain.