The Naming of Maberly,Newfoundland

  The settlement of Maberly was established in the early 1800s as a cod fishery on the North-eastern tip of Newfoundland's Bonavista peninsula near the town of Elliston, of which it now forms a part. Although in recent years there has been a large reduction in the dependence on cod fishing the area has become increasingly popular as a tourist destination for the observation of seabirds, whales and icebergs.
View of Maberly,Newfoundland    


Maberly's claim to fame is that, together with Elliston, it has earned the title of "Root Cellar Capital of the World". Root cellars are outside structures built in the early years before electricity to keep root vegetables safe from frost during the winter (Maberly did not receive electricity until 1960). Some 135 root cellars have been documented, many dating back over 200 years.  
    Root Cellars


  The settlement was originally known as Muddy Brook but was renamed Maberly in the 1920s by the local Anglican minister, Canon Bailey.

Local rumour suggests he named it for a girl he once knew.

Canon Bailey    


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